General Terms of Delivery

INOR Process AB applies General Terms of Delivery IML 2009 unless otherwise agreed.

  • Warranty for the equipment applies 12 months after first use or 18 months after delivery date.
  • Guarantee for transmitters applies 5 years after delivery date.
  • The warranty includes materials and labor costs for repairing the incorrect instrument in our workshop.
  • Wearing supplies and consumables are not covered by any warranty.
  • For orders below 3.000 SEK / 300 EURO, an administrative fee of 350 SEK / 35 EURO will be added

IML 2009 – English

  • Deliveries according to Incoterms® 2020.
  • Due to increased repatriation cost caused by Covid-19 pandemic our freight charge will temporarily be raised with
    100 SEK/10 EUR per order until further notice.