IPAQ C310RTD – Straightforward RTD transmitter


The IPAQ C310RTD is a programmable 2-wire transmitter for RTD and Resistance inputs. Its robust design and high quality gives excellent performance and accuracy also under harsh conditions. IPAQ C310RTD supports communication via NFC and Bluetooth® which makes... Read more »

INOR LCD-W110 news

Make you mA signals highly visible with LCD-W110!


INOR is excited to introduce the LCD-W110, a digital indicator with high-visibility in the most challenging conditions. The built-in backlight not only enhances visibility but also complements the high-contrast LCD display, making readings effortlessly clear... Read more »


Experience the next level of control with SR361

Equipped with two adaptable relay changeover contacts, this device provides flexibility. Whether you prefer simultaneous or independent configuration, with the option for MIN or MAX alarms in open or closed-circuit operation, the SR361 adapts to... Read more »

New updated version of ConSoft 3.5.3


The new version of ConSoft 3.5.3 is compatible with the 520/TT51 OPM 01.02.04 software in our IPAQ 520/TT51 signal converters.
Use of older ConSoft than 3.5.3 against signal converters IPAQ 520/ TT51 with OPM 01.02.04 software is not recommended.
A new function now makes it possible to select the COM port manually, which can be good in some cases.
Otherwise, some minor bug fixes have been made for the customer-specific sensor tables.
Download here

IPAQ R460 - Viestimuunnin vastusantureille ja termoelementeille

IPAQ R460 – the alternative product to IPAQ-4L


We can happily introduce the IPAQ R460, the alternative product to IPAQ-4L. Due to the Component situation in the world we are not able to produce the IPAQ-4L anymore. IPAQ R460 is a 4-wire transmitter... Read more »

Adapter enabling connections of mA signals to the IPAQ R330


Adapter enabling the measurement of mA signals, designed to be mounted with the input connection of the 2-wire converter IPAQ R330. This combination replaces the IPAQ-L (mA). Turns the IPAQ R330 into an active 2-wire... Read more »

Price adjustment 1 May 2022


The situation on the Global Market with respect to raw materials, electronic components, energy and logistics, is staying extremely volatile. In addition the general unpredictable occurring inflation and furthermore the sanctions on Russia and Belarus... Read more »

APAQ 130TC is here


INOR is now launching APAQ 130TC, a modern transmitter for measurement with thermocouple. The new transmitter is available in two variants, APAQ C130TC for mounting in connection head and APAQ R130TC for mounting on DIN-rail. What characterizes... Read more »

APAQ C130 och APAQ R130

APAQ 130 – New modern transmitter designed for simplicity


INOR is now launching APAQ 130, a modern transmitter for measurement with Pt100- and Pt1000-sensors. The new transmitter is available in two variants, APAQ C130 for mounting in connection head and APAQ R130 for mounting... Read more »

Download on Huawei AppGallery

INOR Connect now available on Huawei AppGallery


The INOR Connect app for configuration and monitoring of INOR temperature transmitters is now available for free download on Huawei AppGallery. AppGallery is a global app store available in over 170 countries and comes preinstalled... Read more »

NFC konfigurering med iPhone

Wireless configuration via NFC now available for iPhone


INOR is now releasing an update of the INOR Connect app. The update allows iPhone users to configure the transmitters IPAQ 330 and IPAQ 530 wirelessly via NFC. NFC support requires at least iOS 13... Read more »

News: New smart transmitters OEM202 to be built in

New smart transmitters to be built into own equipment


KROHNE INOR launches OEM202, a digital transmitter for integration into temperature sensors, systems and machines. It comes in three different designs and fits most applications thanks to a compact design. OEM202 is compatible with Pt100... Read more »

FM-godkänd logotyp

IPAQ 530 now available with FM-certificate for the US and Canadian markets


The IPAQ C530X and IPAQ R530X has now been FM approved according to the latest standards. This means that the products are now approved for the US and Canadian markets. The biggest difference between the... Read more »

IPAQ 330 now with wireless connectivity through NFC® and Bluetooth®

IPAQ 330 – now with wireless connectivity


The functionality of the transmitter IPAQ 330 is being extended to also offer wireless communication via NFC® and Bluetooth®. IPAQ 330 is the second transmitter after the IPAQ 530 to be part of the wireless... Read more »

Improved data logging and handling of configurations in INOR Connect

INOR has updated the app INOR Connect to now also support the new generation IPAQ 330. The update includes, among other things, improved data logging during monitoring. It means that it is now possible to... Read more »

INOR celebrates 80 years of innovation

INOR celebrates 80 years of innovation


INOR celebrates 80 years as a temperature specialist and innovator for the process industry. Along the journey, the company has built up a unique expertise in the market and is today represented in over 50... Read more »

FM-godkänd logotyp

IPAQ C/R330X now available with FM-certificate


IPAQ C/R330X now available with FM-certificate The IPAQ C330X and IPAQ R330X are now FM approved according to the latest standards. That means the products now covers both USA and Canada. The biggest different between... Read more »

New concept for wireless configuration and monitoring


INOR is introducing a completely new way of configuring and monitoring your transmitter. Connect your smartphone/ tablet to your transmitter via NFC® or Bluetooth® and configure it through the new app: INOR Connect. Thanks to... Read more »

HART transmitters IPAQ C530 and IPAQ R530

IPAQ 530 – New universal HART transmitter with wireless communication

IPAQ 530 is a modern, HART® temperature transmitter developed to meet the highest standards of accuracy and reliability. It is available in both head and rail versions and with ATEX and IECEx approval. IPAQ 530... Read more »

New ConSoft 3.3 with language support

Consoft is an easy to use to tool for quick, safe and simple configuration of INOR transmitters. As we launch the IPAQ 530, we are also releasing a new version of ConSoft. In addition to... Read more »

New Youtube-video showing the wireless concept


To explain the INOR Goes Wireless concept we have produced a Youtube-video showing the basic functions and the benefits of the concept.

Administrative fee for smaller orders


Administrative fee for smaller orders From the 1:st of January 2018, an administrative fee of 250 SEK will be introduced for orders below 2,000 SEK. For more information, see our Sales and Delivery Terms.

New Ex-certified configuration kit for all INOR transmitters


ICON-X is a complete kit for configuration of all INOR PC programmable transmitters. Communication with the connected transmitters is automatically established and configuration is done with the ConSoft software. ICON-X has built-in protection for Ex-certified... Read more »

IPAQ 330 - Universal temperature transmitter

IPAQ 330 – New universal transmitter for excellent life cycle performance


High reliability, high accuracy, robust design and approvals have always been important when INOR is developing new products. It´s now time to introduce a new member in the family – the IPAQ 330. The IPAQ... Read more »

INOR launches compact sensors


INOR is now introducing a new line of temperature sensors especially suited for applications with limited space. The new compact sensors follow the current trend in various industries where in standard applications traditional temperature sensors... Read more »

IPAQ 520 DTM using PactWARE

New improved DTM for IPAQ 520


The new generation of INOR DTM for IPAQ 520 will provide a completely redesigned, modern style, enhanced functionality for a better usability and FDT2-frame-compatibility. Device Type Managers (DTMs) are one of the front-end user interfaces... Read more »

Temperaturtransmitter IPAQ C/R 202

IPAQ 202: New transmitter dedicated for Pt100 sensors


INOR continuously strives to develop and offer products and services meeting the highest requirements and expectations on reliability, stability and user-friendliness. It is therefore with great pleasure INOR launches the IPAQ 202, a temperature transmitter... Read more »

KROHNE INOR isolatorer och skiljeförstärkare

IsoPAQ 6 mm Series –The new slim line of INOR isolators and isolation transmitters


The IsoPAQ 6mm series is a new product line of signal isolators, splitters, repeaters and converters with the highest accuracy and reliability. The basis for this is the safe 3-port separation and a patented circuit... Read more »

Temperaturtransmitter IPAQ CT20

IPAQ CT20 – Compact and reliable transmitter for demanding applications

The IPAQ CT20 is an analogue, PC-configurable transmitter for Pt100 sensors. It comes in a robust, IP67 casing with M12 connections in both ends and offers the highest levels of flexibility and reliability. Easy installation... Read more »

ConSoft 3 – for a quick and safe configuration


Consoft is an easy to use to tool for quick, safe and simple configuration of INOR transmitters. The new and updated version offers: A new user friendly interface Simplified installation process Improved system support, e.g.... Read more »

Krohne inor 75 years logo

INOR: 75 years of temperature measurement


This year INOR celebrates 75 years within the temperature industry and thereby 75 years as a partner to the global industry. A mission based on trust which we are proud of and looking forward to... Read more »

IPAQ 520 SIL2 certifikat

Full assessment on SIL2 according to the latest standard


The new certificate warrants the excellent Functional Safety level of the IPAQ 520 according to the latest standard of IEC-61508:2010, which is much stricter, allowing only components that are part of the safety function in... Read more »

INOR lands order to the world’s largest Concentrating Solar Power Plant


INOR has won a major order within solar energy. Approx. 1100 temperature measuring points in the Solana project will be equipped with INOR’s sensors and transmitters. The Solana Generating Station Project is a 280 MW solar... Read more »

We are moving to new premises


Being a part of the Krohne Group means that the focus on technical competence and development has increased and we are continuously growing both as a company and as a temperature competence centre. We are... Read more »

IPAQ 520 Demo case

New Demo kit for IPAQ 520


The IPAQ 520 DEMO KIT is the optimal set to demonstrate the functionality of the new IPAQ 520. Together with INOR’s windows application the different features can easily be demonstrated, both setting the parameters as... Read more »

Watch the new video on C520


IPAQ C520 and R520, two temperature transmitters in the new generation IPAQ Line. The transmitters have top class performance which gives high Measurement Accuracy, Reliability, Safety, and User Efficiency.