Meet the future with INOR

INOR is introducing a completely new way of configuring and monitoring your transmitter without power supply and wiring. Connect your smartphone/ tablet to your transmitter via NFC® * or Bluetooth® and configure it through the new app: INOR Connect. Thanks to the wireless communication, the transmitter can remain installed in the process.

Configuration of a transmitter has never been easier and more convenient!

Wireless communication with INOR Connect

With the intuitive and easy-to-use interface in the app, the work becomes a pleasure. INOR Connect offers the same great configuration capabilities as the ConSoft software but with an even more user-friendly interface.

In addition to the user-friendly interface, INOR Connect also offers automatic updates. This means that you will always have the latest features available.

We have also added quick links to each product page if you need extra information about the transmitter. INOR Connect is available for Android and will also be available for iOS*1 in the near future.

Download INOR Connect:

Remote configuration and monitoring via Bluetooth®

With ICON-BT you can configure and monitor the transmitter while it is still mounted in the process. Simply plug in your ICON-BT to the USB connector on the transmitter and connect with your smartphone. Thanks to the extended range that Bluetooth offers you can communicate with the transmitter remotely.

Read more about ICON-BT

Great tool for service and maintenance

The wireless concept is a great tool for people working with service and maintenance as it provides a quick health check of your process. The live monitoring and diagnostics in the INOR Connect app makes it possible to follow the process temperature in real time.

In the app you can also see the ambient temperature and supply voltage the transmitter has been exposed to. This allows you to detect peaks that could damage the process control.

Monitor and configure your transmitter even in the tightest mounting locations.

Copy and save time!

The great benefit of NFC® is the smooth and fast communication between the transmitter and the smartphone without any cables. INOR has taken advantage of that by creating a new function that makes it possible to copy and paste a configuration to as many transmitters as you like without making any changes and it only takes seconds.

INOR Goes Wireless

IPAQ 530 – The first transmitter to support NFC® and Bluetooth®

IPAQ 530 is a modern, HART® temperature transmitter developed to meet the highest standards of accuracy and reliability.

It is the first transmitter to support support communication via NFC® (Near-field communication) and Bluetooth® which makes it possible to configure and monitor the transmitter remotely.

* The NFC functionality is not available for iOS since Apple has restricted the NFC technology in their smartphones

*1 Unfortunately, the app to iOS is slightly delayed due to Apple’s authorization process.