Purpose, Vision & Mission

Our Purpose

The purpose of INOR is to help people mastering and steering their processes to minimize and optimize the usage of scarce and valuable resources while ensuring their safety everyday!

Our Vision

INOR provides its customers with the best available specialized temperature measurement solutions 
in the world.

Our Mission

KROHNE Inor develops, manufactures and sells specialized temperature solutions to its customers within the process and automation industry throughout the world. KROHNE Inor is focusing on a long-term and sustainable development with a healthy financial margin. KROHNE Inor distributes its products and services by means of an Inor Process AB’s own sales team in Sweden, through subsidiaries, through worldwide manufacturing and distributing Global Partners as well as through all sales organizations within the KROHNE group and their representatives. ​

Within the global KROHNE group, KROHNE Inor shall become the true Center of Excellence and Lead Factory for temperature. ​

KROHNE Inor strives to provide its customers with innovative products of highest quality. As such, a long product life in the field is achieved through thorough engineering, sound testing and product qualification, standardized and stable production processes and skilled, experienced, and dedicated employees. ​

KROHNE Inor is striving to limit the negative environmental and social impact of its operations. KROHNE Inor commits to adhering to laws and regulations, as well as high ethical standards. ​