To measure is to know!

Werner von Siemens (1816 – 1892)

Quality and Environmental work at Inor Process AB

To measure is to know! By measuring, analyzing the results and acting on them, continuous improvement is achieved. At Inor Process AB, we apply this way of thinking not only by measuring our own operations but also by assisting our customers with the prerequisites to measure as accurately as possible.
This is the basis for Inor Process AB’s business and success, and Alfred Brakl was certainly not unaware of it when he founded Inor Process AB in 1939 as a sales company for temperature instruments.
Right from the beginning there was a distinct quality mindset, which meant that within a couple of years the company, in order to have better control and offer better products, started its own production of temperature sensors.

In 1987, the first version of ISO 9000 was published and when the first revised edition was released in 1994, Inor Process AB got ready for certification, which was carried out with an approved result in 1995.
Since then, the quality work, which also includes safety, health and sustainability, has been reflected in our products as a result of the quality of our processes and our communication.
We see our ongoing quality work as a cornerstone in fulfilling our vision to provide our customers with the best available, specialized temperature measurement solutions in the world.
Quality is therefore not just a department within our organization but something that permeates our entire business and our daily work.

Since 2015, Inor Process AB has also been certified according to ISO 14001 and since we believe that quality and the environment go hand in hand, we have chosen to have a combined certification for these.
Our contribution to protecting the environment is not only by continuously reflecting and reducing the environmental footprint of our own operations and increasing efficiency and reducing waste, but also by providing sustainable, reliable and high-quality solutions that enable our downstream customers to optimize their processes in a way that means they consume as little scarce resources as possible.
Upstream, we have a continuous dialogue with our suppliers to ensure that our consumption of the earth’s finite resources is kept to a minimum.

For us, questions about the working environment, health and safety are in constant focus. We work to avoid that our employees may be exposed to injuries, we promote well-being and a healthy, balanced life. This is an important part of achieving and maintaining an efficient organization. The work with continuous improvement, regardless of subject area, is a joint project where employer and employees are included as well as suppliers and customers.

Together we work for a more efficient and greener future!


Ola Jönsson

QES Manager


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