Quality and Environment

INOR has a long history of quality assurance work. We began working on a certified quality assurance system in 1993. The reason for the inauguration of the quality system was to fulfill the requirements of the SS-EN ISO 9001, i.e. to ensure that all the functions were involved in one way or another.

High product quality thanks to great commitment to our quality work

Our work was rewarded with a certificate in 1995. The work conducted has given us a huge return both from a financial and marketing perspective. The new edition of ISO standard model 2015 has given a lift to our quality work, especially due to the fact that we now actively put the customer first and make a concerted effort to give the customer extra value when purchasing our products.

Constant pursuit of environmentally efficient solutions

Our environmental objectives are to prevent and reduce harmful effects on the environment, people and property caused by our processes, and to use natural resources in a sustainable manner.

We continuously strive to improve our environmental performance, for instance by reducing our waste discharges, using green electricity while at the same time reducing the total use of electricity, reduce the use of hazardous substances in our production and replace paper documents with electronic documents.

Our environmental work has resulted in us being awarded a certificate for meeting the requirements of SS-EN ISO 14001.

We have chosen to have an integrated management system, which covers both quality and the environment. The complete management system is accesible to all employees in the company, in digital form, via our local network. A part of our management system is to conduct life-cycle analyses on all our newly developed products. The management system has been adapted to meet the requirement of the ATEX directive.

For information concerning chemical substances in our products, please contact the Quality and Environment department; qes@inor.se