1. General

Inor process AB (INOR), registration number 556346-9385, is with this integrity policy explaining how we make sure that your personal data is being secured according to the new regulations in General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) valid within EU/EAA.
You shall always feel comfortable when handing over your personal data to us. INOR has taken measures to provide both technical and organizational solutions needed to protect your personal data from unauthorized access, use, change or deletion.

2. Data Controller

INOR is data controller and responsible for handling of your personal data which is conducted by, or on assignment by, INOR. Information on how to contact us is in chapter 8.

3. When do we collect personal data?

INOR collects personal data when you:

  • Are in or starts an active business relation with INOR
  • Sign up for INOR newsletters,
  • Makes an request or interest for any of INOR´s products or services,
  • For any reason contact our customer service, or
  • If it otherwise is necessary to administer the relation between you and INOR.

INOR also uses cookies and other similar technical solutions to gather information about you or the equipment you are using.

4. For how long do we save the information?

We save the information as long as it is necessary according to the circumstances, but no longer than 12 months after ended business relation. We might have to save the information longer than this if it is necessary according to law, requirement from authorities or to protect our legal interests.

5. Why does INOR handle your personal data?

INOR handles your personal data for different reasons.

The primary reason for Inor to handle your personal data is to take care of ongoing commercial activities, sales and promotion activities, warranty issues and customer support.

6. To whom do we hand out personal data?

INOR might hand out personal data to companies that handles personal data for INOR´s account, for example IT suppliers, cooperation partners and affiliates within the Company Group. If personal data is transferred to a country outside of EU/EES Inor will provide this in a safe way according to current law.

Personal data might also be transferred if it is required to fulfil laws or requirements from authorities, to fulfil INOR`S legal interests or to find, prevent or acknowledge frauds or other security or technical issues.

7. Change of integrity policy

This integrity policy might be updated at any time. If INOR will make substantial changes in the integrity policy INOR will inform you over email before these changes are coming into effect. The valid integrity policy will be available on the INOR webpage.

8. The right to information and changes

If you do not wish that INOR uses or personal data for marketing you can request this in writing to INOR. In our newsletters you find information on how to unsubscribe for future newsletters.

You have the right to acquire information of which personal data INOR have about you and the purpose (registration extract). Such application shall be in writing and signed by the applicant. You also have the right to get faulty, misguiding or incomplete data corrected, blocked, made unidentifiable or erased. If you apply for a registration extract or have any questions regarding how we handle your personal data, please contact us at