Our Policy


Trustworthy in our actions
By always acting and communicating with trust and according to applicable laws and regulations INOR is a company which customers, suppliers and employees can rely on.


By always working professionally we create efficiency throughout the company.


Mindset of environmental protection
INOR takes the responsibility to limit its effect on the environment by securing that we work with environmental targets that continuously lower the total environmental load, both internal and external, but also with the work to develop and produce our products.


Personnel with continuous competence development
By continuously monitor and educate the personnel we want to involve and motivate all employees to actively take part in the development of INOR.


Enthusiasm for quality throughout the company
Quality and environment is always in the mindset of the employees and thereby a natural part of the continuous improvements.


Rational production
With competent personnel, appropriate production equipment and continuous improvements according to the Lean concept we ensure high quality products with short lead times and delivery with high precision.


Attractive employer
INOR is a company with good working environment and interesting, challenging tasks for all individuals. Diversity and equality are among our strengths.


Technical solutions in world class
INOR shall be an established supplier on the world market with a range of products and solutions in world class.


User requirements in products based on market demands
INOR shall be responsive to the market and the customers’ current and future demands to our products.


Reachability to the market through professional sales channels
INOR acts professionally in the market through its own sales channels, subsidiaries, parent company and distributors, with a wide range of products and services offers, which create value for the customer.