Make you mA signals highly visible with LCD-W110!

INOR is excited to introduce the LCD-W110, a digital indicator with high-visibility in the most challenging conditions. The built-in backlight not only enhances visibility but also complements the high-contrast LCD display, making readings effortlessly clear in the darkest corner or in direct sunlight.

The indicator is designed to redefine your monitoring experience. The LCD-W110 displays real-time process data, ensuring precision, minimizing errors, and maximizing efficiency for flawless operation, driving sustainable industrial success. Its seamless integration into a 4-20 mA loop, without the need for external power, ensures hassle-free installation.

Programming LCD-W110 is easy, whether using the push buttons or the INOR Connect app via NFC communication. With INOR Connect you can easily set range, filter, alarm etc.

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