New Ex-certified configuration kit for all INOR transmitters

ICON-X is a complete kit for configuration of all INOR PC programmable transmitters. Communication with the connected transmitters is automatically established and configuration is done with the ConSoft software. ICON-X has built-in protection for Ex-certified transmitters.

Cables for connecting all transmitters
ICON X includes all the cables you need to connect to all of INOR transmitters.

Protection against supply of energy in an explosive atmosphere
The ICON-X kit has built-in protection for the transmitter so that no energy is added that would lead to increased risk of explosion. ICON-X is Ex-certified, which allows the transmitter to be configured in a safe area with the temperature sensor still connected in an explosive atmosphere.

Optimised for work on the field
The kit is optimised to be easy to handle and bring to the field. The case made of hard plastic is designed to cope with tough conditions.

The new ICON-X kit (70CFGUSX01) replaces both the ICON-kit (70CFGUS001) and the IPRO-X-kit (70CFG00092).

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INOR Konfigurations-Set für Transmitter der Serie IPAQ-C/R

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