APAQ-L (Discontinued)

Analog Adjustable 2-wire Transmitters

APAQ-LR is a multirange 2-wire temperature transmitter for Pt100 input.
APAQ-LC is adjustable for 5 different thermocouple types. APAQ-LR/-LC are designed for highest reliability and excellent industrial performance.

  • Rangeable with solderpads and potentiometers
  • Temperature linear output for Pt100 (APAQ-LR)
  • mV linear output for thermocouples (APAQ-LC)
  • Consistent sensor break function

Technical Specification

InputRTD; Thermocouple
Input RTDPt100
Input ThermocoupleType J, L, T, K, N
Type Of TransmitterAnalog
Output4-20 mA
Measuring channels1 channel
Sensor connection3-wire connection
Power supply6.5 to 32 VDC
Typical accuracyRTD: ±0.15% of span;
T/C: ±0.5% to ± 1.0% of span


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