IPAQ CT20 (Discontinued)

Analog, PC-configurable compact transmitter for demanding applications

The IPAQ CT20 is an analogue, PC-configurable transmitter for Pt100 sensors. It comes in a robust, IP67 casing with M12 connections in both ends and offers the highest levels of flexibility and reliability.

Easy installation and maintenance
Its compact design and robust casing makes IPAQ CT20 the ideal choice for a wide range of applications, e.g. in OEM/Machine applications or integrated in production and process lines . The M12 connectors allows the IPAQ CT20 to be optimally installed based on environmental conditions, physical space and access for maintenance.

Easy configuration
Configuration is easily done before the installation with the user friendly ConSoft software and it can be configured and installed without stopping the process.

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Technical Specification

Input 3-wire Pt100 IEC 60751, @=0.00385
Sensor current ~ 0.5 mA
Max. resistance/wire 20 Ω/wire
Analog 4…20 mA, temperature linear
Response time (90 %) < 10 ms
Permissible load 750 Ω @ 24 VDC
Range configuration
Measuring range PC-configurable
Measuring range limits -50 to +800°C
Zero limits -50 to +50°C
Minimum span 50°C or 20°C, If the zero point is set at -40 °C, -20 °C, 0 °C, +20 °C or +40°C the minimum span is 20 °C, otherwise it is 50 °C
Sensor error compensation Max. ±1 % of span (2 points compensation)
Sensor monitoring
Sensor break Selectable, Upscale (≥21.0 mA) or downscale (≤3.6 mA) action
Sensor short-circiut Fixed, downscale (≤3.6 mA) action
Environmental Factors
Ambient temperature -40 to +85 °C (storage and operation)
Humidity 0 to 100 %RH
Vibrations Acc. to IEC 60068-2-6, test Fc, 10-2000 Hz, 10g
EMC Acc. to IEC 61326-1
Accuracy and stability
Basic accuracy Max. of ±0.2 °C or ±0.2 % of span
Temperature influence Max. of ±0.01 °C per °C or ±0.01 % of span per °C
Long-term stability ±0.1 % of span per year
Material Thermoplastic *
Weight 16 g
Protection class IP67
Process connection in M12x1, 4-pin, A-coded, Female
Process connection out M12x1, 4-pin, A-coded, Male
General data
 Isolation in – out Unisolated
Power supply 7.5 to 32 VDC

* Meets the hygienic requirements on materials and products intended to be in contact with food & beverage according to Regulation (EC) 1935/2004

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