4-wire transmitter for resistance thermometers and thermocouples configurable via software or DIP switches

IPAQ R460 is a programmable 4-wire (separately powered) transmitter. It converts Pt, Ni, KTY and TC sensor signals as well as potentiometer, resistor and mV signals to isolated standard signals.

It is possible to configure IPAQ R460 with DIP switches or with the software INOR-Set. With INOR-Set, IPAQ R460 can be configured via PC and the data records can be stored and documented. An additional power supply is not necessary during PC configuration.

The commissioning function, which can be switched on at the front, generates a reference signal at the output with which the subsequent signal path can be tested and adjusted.

The Power supply can be supplied via the connection terminals or via the In-Rail-Bus connector. The supply voltage and error status are indicated by LEDs on the front of the unit.

  • Easy configuration via DIP switch or via INOR-Set
  • Switchable service functions for easy commissioning
  • 3-port isolation
    Protection against measurement errors due to earthing problems and interference voltage carry-over
  • Extremely slim design 6.2 mm narrow bayed housing for simple and space-saving top-hat rail mounting
  • Optional in-rail bus mounting rail connector allows fast and cost-effective installation
  • Safe isolation according to EN 61140 Protection of maintenance personnel and downstream equipment from impermissibly high voltage

Technical Specification

InputRTD, Thermocouple, mV, ohm and KTY
Input RTDPt100, Pt200, Pt500, Pt1000, Ni100, Ni120, Ni500, Ni1000
Input ThermocoupleTyp B, E, J, K, L, N, R, S, T, U, W5Re_W26Re, W3Re_W25Re;
Measuring range RTDPt 100, Pt 200, Pt 500, Pt 1000: -200… +850 °C

Ni 100: -60… +250 °C

Ni 200, Ni 500, Ni 1000: -50… 180 °C

Measuring range ThermocoupleType B: +250… +1820 °C

Type C (W5Re_W26Re): 0… +2315 °C

Type D (W3Re_W25Re): 0… +2315 °C

Type E: +270… +1000 °C

Type J: +210… +1200 °C

Type K: +200… +900 °C

Type L: +200… +900 °C

Type N: +270… +1300 °C

Type R: -50… +1768 °C

Type S: -50… +1768 °C

Type T: -270… +400 °C

Type U: +200… +600 °C

Type of TransmitterDigital
Output 0…20 mA, 4…20 mA, 0…10 mA, 2…10 mA,
0…5 V, 0…10 V, 1…5 V, 2…10 V
Galvanic isolation3 kV AC, 50 Hz, 1 min
Measuring channels1 channel
Sensor connection2-, 3-, 4-wire
Power supply24 V DC
Voltage range 9.6…31.2 VDC, approx. 0.8 W
Typical accuracyMax. ±0.05 K or ±0.05 % of measuring range
ConfigurationDIP switch or INOR-Set
EMCEN 61326-1
Ambient temperatureOperation: -25…+70 °C (-13…+158 °F)
Transport and storage: -40…+85 °C (-40…+185 °F)
Design 6.2 mm:n (0.244″) bayed case, protection class IP 20, mounting on 35 mm top-hat rail acc. to EN 60715
Weightapprox. 70 g



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