When it comes to measuring accuracy and maximum stability of measurement, INOR set high standards on the market. With 80 years’ experience INOR has built up a unique competence in temperature measurement. INOR is one of the largest manufacturers of transmitters.

Specialists in industrial
temperature measurement

INOR celebrates 80 years as a temperature specialist and innovator for the process industry. Along the journey, the company has built up a unique expertise in the market and is today represented in over 50 countries.

INOR celebrates
80 years of innovation

IPAQ 530 is a modern temperature transmitter developed to meet the highest standards of accuracy and reliability. IPAQ 530 is fully compatible with HART® 7 and offers extended diagnostic information. It also has built-in NFC® and support for Bluetooth®.

IPAQ 530 – Universal HART transmitter with wireless communication

Our Product Ranges

INOR offers a complete range of temperature transmitters, from ATEX and SIL2 certified transmitters to transmitters with HART or NFC communication.

Temperature transmitters

INOR offers Alarm Units for industrial temperature monitoring of Pt100, voltage and current signals in the process industry. In our product range you will also find power supply.

Power Supply & Alarm Units

With the know-how and innovative technology the IsoPAQ family offers isolators and isolation transmitter of the highest quality for signal isolation in the process and automation industry.


INOR has a wide range of indicators including simple displays as well as robust field housing for demanding applications.

Field Housing & indicators

Find your local partner

INOR supplies a wide range of temperature measuring instruments and services to the global process industry and OEM markets. Welcome to contact our local partners!



On our documentation page you will find product related documentation such as manuals , data sheets and product certificates to general certificates and documents concerning the company.


On our software page you will find user friendly configuration softwares for all INOR transmitters. What software to use depends on what product and type of cable you use.


News: New smart transmitters OEM202 to be built in


New smart transmitters to be built into own equipment

KROHNE INOR launches OEM202, a digital transmitter for integration into temperature sensors, systems and machines. It comes in three different designs and fits most applications thanks to a compact design. OEM202 is compatible with Pt100... Read more »

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FM-godkänd logotyp


IPAQ 530 now available with FM-certificate for the US and Canadian markets

The IPAQ C530X and IPAQ R530X has now been FM approved according to the latest standards. This means that the products are now approved for the US and Canadian markets. The biggest difference between the... Read more »

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IPAQ 330 now with wireless connectivity through NFC® and Bluetooth®


IPAQ 330 – now with wireless connectivity

The functionality of the transmitter IPAQ 330 is being extended to also offer wireless communication via NFC® and Bluetooth®. IPAQ 330 is the second transmitter after the IPAQ 530 to be part of the wireless... Read more »

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Improved data logging and handling of configurations in INOR Connect

INOR has updated the app INOR Connect to now also support the new generation IPAQ 330. The update includes, among other things, improved data logging during monitoring. It means that it is now possible to... Read more »

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INOR Connect

Meet the future with INOR

INOR is introducing a completely new way of configuring and monitoring your transmitter without power supply and wiring. Connect your smartphone/ tablet to your transmitter via NFC® or Bluetooth® and configure it through the new app: INOR Connect. Thanks to the wireless communication, the transmitter can remain installed in the process.

Configuration of a transmitter has never been easier and more convenient!

About INOR

Specialists in industrial temperature measurement

INOR is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial process instruments for temperature measurement. With 80 years of experience developing and producing temperature sensors and signal converters, INOR has gradually built up its reputation as an international leader.

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