IsoPAQ 6 mm Series –The new slim line of INOR isolators and isolation transmitters

The IsoPAQ 6mm series is a new product line of signal isolators, splitters, repeaters and converters with the highest accuracy and reliability. The basis for this is the safe 3-port separation and a patented circuit technique, which guarantees an outstanding precision and long-term stability.

The calibrated range selection via DIP switches and the intelligent housing concept offer the ultimate in ease of use. The 6.2 mm ultra-slim Modular case saves space in the cabinet.

The auxiliary power can either be supplied via the connection terminals or via the innovative In-Rail-Bus connector system.

The new product line consists of the following products:

1-channel Loop Powered Isolators for separation of 0(4)-20 mA Signals

2-channel Loop Powered Isolators for separation of 0(4)-20 mA Signals

Isolation Signal Splitter/Repeater with double outputs for mA and V signals

High-performance isolation transmitter for mA/V Signals with calibrated range selection

Isolation transmitter for Bipolar and Unipolar mA/V signals with calibrated range selection

Transmitter repeater for powering and isolation of 2-,3- and 4-wire transmitters

In-Rail-Bus Power Terminal