INOR celebrates 80 years as a temperature specialist and innovator for the process industry. Along the journey, the company has built up a unique expertise in the market and is today represented in over 50 countries. With a long history of innovations, INOR's ambition is to continue driving the development forward with a focus on customer benefits and user-friendliness.

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INOR celebrates
80 years of innovation

When it comes to measuring accuracy and maximum stability of measurement, INOR set high standards on the market. With more than 75 years experience INOR has built up a unique competence in temperature measuring. INOR is one of the largest manufacturers of industrial signal conditioners and temperature sensors.

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Specialists in industrial
temperature measurement

INOR is introducing a completely new way of configuring and monitoring your transmitter. Connect your smartphone/ tablet to your transmitter via NFC® or Bluetooth® and configure it through the new app: INOR Connect. Thanks to the wireless communication, the transmitter can remain installed in the process. 

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INOR Goes Wireless

IPAQ 530 is a modern, HART® temperature transmitter developed to meet the highest standards of accuracy and reliability. It is available in both head and rail versions and with ATEX and IECEx approval. IPAQ 530 is fully compatible with HART® 7 and offers extended diagnostic information. It also has built-in NFC® and support for Bluetooth®.

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IPAQ 530 – New universal HART transmitter with wireless communication

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Quality & Environment

INOR has a long history of quality assurance work. We began working on a certified quality assurance system in 1993. The reason for the inauguration of the quality system was to fulfill the requirements of the SS-EN ISO 9001, i.e. to ensure that all the functions were involved in one way or another.



Make you mA signals highly visible with LCD-W110!


INOR is excited to introduce the LCD-W110, a digital indicator with high-visibility in the most challenging conditions. The built-in backlight not only enhances visibility but also complements the high-contrast LCD display, making readings effortlessly clear... Read more »

Experience the next level of control with SR361

Equipped with two adaptable relay changeover contacts, this device provides flexibility. Whether you prefer simultaneous or independent configuration, with the option for MIN or MAX alarms in open or closed-circuit operation, the SR361 adapts to... Read more »

New updated version of ConSoft 3.5.3


The new version of ConSoft 3.5.3 is compatible with the 520/TT51 OPM 01.02.04 software in our IPAQ 520/TT51 signal converters.
Use of older ConSoft than 3.5.3 against signal converters IPAQ 520/ TT51 with OPM 01.02.04 software is not recommended.
A new function now makes it possible to select the COM port manually, which can be good in some cases.
Otherwise, some minor bug fixes have been made for the customer-specific sensor tables.
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